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Project Summary

IMA World Health’s Safe Motherhood Kit™ program aims to reduce childbirth-related infection for expectant mothers in developing countries where maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Our Safe Motherhood Kit™ project goal is to provide kits to hospitals and clinics in Haiti, DRC and South Sudan. We will do this through funding and our current partnerships with hospitals and clinics in these countries.

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Project Background

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The clean and sterile supplies (umbilical tie, gloves, scalpel, gauze pads, plastic sheeting, under pad, soap and washcloth) found in Safe Motherhood Kits™ are important to help reduce childbirth-related infections for expectant mothers and their newborn babies in developing countries where these supplies are often difficult to have access to. IMA provides these supplies to hospitals and clinics in countries where we are currently working to improve health care services.
The baby items (hat, blanket, outfit) found in the kits are used to provide incentive for expectant mothers to visit a clinic or hospital to receive prenatal care and give birth at a hospital or clinic where the sterile supplies are used and where trained health workers are available to assist with any complications that might arise during childbirth. For the majority of the mothers these three items for their newborn babies are viewed as incredible gifts. This project is important because it not only helps save the life of the mother but her newborn child as well. Your support enables us to send more kits to more hospitals and clinics in Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan.

Results to Date

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To date IMA World Health has shipped 29,294 Safe Motherhood Kits(TM).

Nature of Desired Relationship

IMA World Health is looking for one time donations, ongoing donations, corporate partners, marketing consultants, volunteers, and gifts-in-kind for our Safe Motherhood Kit™ program. All donations would allow us to send Safe Motherhood Kits™ to hospitals and clinics in the countries we are working in. Gift-in-kind donations are needed to fill the kits with the non-sterile items. Corporate partners/sponsors would be beneficial to help supply the sterile items as gift-in-kind or at greatly reduced cost.