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Project Summary

Every year, Project HOPE deploys hundreds of volunteer health care professionals to assist individuals, families and communities in need around the world. Selflessly giving their time, compassion, and expertise, Project HOPE volunteers travel the globe to provide health care and training in areas struck by natural disaster, at Project HOPE health program sites, and in health clinics, outposts and hospitals all over the world. Lengths of stay for volunteers can range from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the needs of the community where they serve. The work performed by Project HOPE volunteers is always needed, supported locally and provided to effect sustainable change in the communities served.

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Project Background

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Project HOPE was founded in 1958 on the basis of volunteerism. From 1960 to 1972, medical volunteers traveled onboard the SS HOPE – the world’s first ever peacetime hospital ship – to some of the most remote pockets of the world delivering healing and training. Today, the legacy continues as volunteers play a vital role in fulfilling the Project HOPE mission: to help people help themselves.

The work of a Project HOPE volunteer varies in nature; from training doctors in developing nations how to use sophisticated medical technology, to training community health workers in how to administer vaccines, to training amputee victims how to walk again. Some of the greatest needs responded to by Project HOPE volunteers are those following a natural disaster. Since 2005, Project HOPE volunteers have helped save countless lives by responding to disasters in China, Indonesia, Haiti, the Philippines and Sierra Leone. Just days after each disaster, volunteers were on the ground helping those in need.

Project HOPE’s goal is to be able to help the world heal by placing volunteers where there is a need. Support from our donors is the only way we can accomplish this.

Results to Date

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In 2014, Project HOPE sent 365 volunteers to 24 countries to provide health care and education. Over the last 10 years, Project HOPE volunteers have delivered nearly 2 million health care services to over 827,000 patients and performed 10,883 life improving surgeries. With a database of over 8,000 volunteers, Project HOPE is able to tap into a rich talent pool of diversely skilled people allowing us to respond to multiple needs across the globe.

Additional Information

In addition to medical volunteers, Project HOPE's work is supported by individuals with a variety of business skills, as well as supporters who volunteer their time and talents to help the organization raise the resources necessary for HOPE to continue its global health work.

Nature of Desired Relationship

Project HOPE is seeking support for the recruiting, training and global deployment of volunteer healthcare professionals to areas in need year round.