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Project Summary

This project will provide much needed equipment to the medical facility, primary and secondary schools, and several family farms in the village of Lwaboba, Bumasikye sub-county, Mbale District, Uganda. The Transforming Communities Initiative strengthens the economic vitality of emerging communities. The initiative reinforces communities that have established health care facilities, schools, and farms operating under the guidance of community service providers; infrastructure and core services are established, but require vital, physical resources to enable sustainable growth.

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Project Background

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This importance of this project rests in the community's overall need for physical resources to provide core services. The program provides the community with the tools needed to heal, feed, train and educate its members. By addressing the needs in health care, education, and agriculture simultaneously, TCI empowers the community to build capacities which support its members overall. This project will provide medical equipment solutions to the Professor Wamukota Memorial Center, with a focus on maternal/infant care and Emergency Care. School supplies and equipment will be delivered to the nearby Bumasikye Primary School, as well as the Bumasikye Senior Secondary School. Supplies and equipment for the schools include classroom desks, writing boards maps, student and teacher supplies, sports equipment and more. Eighteen local family farms will receive Farm Suites that hold the hand tools, transport and simple irrigation systems necessary for improving crop yields and growing seasons.
The extension of equipment solutions across the three core services in the community will enable the community to become more resilient and position itself for growth and sustainability.

Results to Date

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This project seeks sponsorship to bring equipment solutions for health, education and agriculture from IMEC, a leader in international work that transforms impoverished communities. Since 1995, IMEC has transformed communities around the world. IMEC has delivered projects in 900 communities, in 90 countries.
The community of Lwaboba has successfully expanded its health care facility but lacks adequate equipment to help the medical centre meet the needs of its community. Educational facilities are serving students but also require upgrades and farming projects that have been started in the community to teach students sustainable agricultural skills will benefit from receiving basic modern tools. Small scale farming is a means of improving the quality of life in the community.

Additional Information

The Transforming Communities Initiative is an extension of IMEC's work and mission. TCI focuses on communities that have the infrastructure and service providers present, but they lack the physical resources necessary to allow them to reach more patients, students, and community members effectively.

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Direct sponsorship